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Coordination of scientific and technological activities of JSC "UMEK", JSC "MZVA", JSC "INSTA", LLC "Energotransizolyator" SPE "MES», «Volscom» and other enterprises. 

The Association assembled a team of best professionals
Insulators and Fittings industry sub-sectors of Russia:

• «UMEK" - manufacturer of glass insulators suspention glass insulators; 
• «MZVA" - manufacturer of line fittings for overhead lines; 
• «INSTA" and "Energotransizolyator" - manufacturer of composite insulators; 
• «Volscom» - manufacturer of line fittings for fiber optic; 
• SPE "MES" - manufacturer of assembly tools

Professional team of "Forenergo" offers 
the most advanced insulators and fittings:

  • One of the most modern plants of this profile in the world;
  • Experience the best of industry experts and the latest technological equipment allowed a suspended glass insulators world level.
  • New Age with insulators UMEK!


  • Modern, reliable linear fitting, time-tested, made in Russia;
  • 1st place in the volume and range of output linear fittings - more than 1000 products mastened in mass production;
  • The leading national manufacturer of valves for CIP;
  • Dedicated leader in protecting, supporting, connecting, contact and tension reinforcement for bare wires.

  • Composite insulators III generation of high reliability for overhead lines and substations;
  • The highest level of test voltage insulators, type LC;
  • The unique manufacturing process that guarantees the absence of hidden damage after the rod opressovaniya Solderless;
  • Sunset in solderless shell and flanges provide 100% sealing and durability of the insulator due to the complete exclusion of adhesive joints of their design;

  • Composite insulators III generation of high reliability for the contact network of railways;
  • A 10-year specialization in the production of composite insulators for contact net of railways ensures the highest quality products.
  • A first-class line hardware, including the Spiral for FOL, manufactured in Russia;
  • High quality of products is confirmed by a voluntary certification system
  • The advanced design of products is confirmed by a number of patents of the Russian Federation.

  • High-quality special tool to work on the VL 0,4 - 10 kV using the CIP, as well as fiber optic;
  • Great deals:
    - Raskatochnyh rollers;
    - Devices for replacement of defective insulators;  
    - Ladders for climbing support.
    MES tool - is the choice of professionals!

    Assembly production of suspension glass cap-and-rod insulators (U40-U210) from components of UMEK CJSC.


    Credit on "Forenergo" - only cutting-edge solutions
    for the most modern overhead.

    * STATUS certification

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